£1bn worth of food wasted annually in UK by producers and retailers, but families waste even more


Food worth a total of £1bn is wasted every year in the UK before shoppers even get it home, according to new research by Sky News.

A shameful 400,000 tons of food gets binned by growers, producers and retailers annually, roughly equivalent to 950 million meals.

The news comes as Tesco prepares to begin publishing food wastage figures for the first time. They are expected to show that the supermarket chucks out 1% of all of its food – roughly 50,000 tons.

Matt Simister, Commercial Director, Group Food at Tesco, said to Sky: “We can reduce the wastage in our own operations, but I think more importantly, we can start to influence the wastage that happens across the whole system.”

In addition, the average family wastes about seven meals worth of food a week on average, which raises the total value of wasted food in the UK to an eye-watering £13.5bn.

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